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Claudia Bernal, Made of the Same Blood, 2007

Pilgrimage of Wanderers

Claudia Bernal, José Mansilla-Miranda, Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo, José Luis Torres, Elisa Monreal, Gilda Monreal, Guillermina Buzio

Main Gallery

September 5 – October 10, 2008

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A Space Main Gallery:

Pilgrimage of Wanderers 
Claudia Bernal, José Mansilla-Miranda, Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo, José Luis Torres

Pilgrimage of Wanderers attempts to tackle a peripheral terrain of unexpected arrivals and departures by not only presenting a graphic spectacle of trauma, but by leaving an imprint of the ordeal of violence. Attached to memory and inspired by a distant place, the artists share a humble yet fervid voice determined to pursue redemption. Through performance, video, installation, sculpture and drawing the artist’s address and embody issues of mobility, displacement, nomadism, and exile. In essence, Pilgrimage of Wanderers explores core political and religious dogmas destined to navigate new contexts and realities, on a voyeuristic quest in response trauma.

A Space Vitrines:

Suspiros Archivados/Archived Sighs 
Guillermina Buzio

The multi-layered altarpiece installation, spaced throughout four encased vitrines, shows us the artist’s travels and adaptation through life journeys, refracted through an offering of homage to individuals who have shared the space she once inhabited. The artist offers a testimony, a reconstruction of a mausoleum, time for retrieval, a voice given to the unheard, and a space for commemoration.

A Space Inner Space:

Decaying Empire
Elisa Monreal and Gilda Monreal
Performance Sept 5, 2009

Montreal-based artists’ Decaying Empire shares a mysterious tale based on socio-political hierarchies. The iconic image of an isolated and arrogant queen is adorned by extravagant clothes, decorated with layers of make-up; we witness the cracking of skin, deterioration of image and the queen’s endless effort to hide the disintegration and decomposition of an old regime. Surrounded by kitsch objects with a backdrop of graffiti, she presides over a parking-lot stage doomed to displacement and disappearance.


Claudia Bernal is a Montreal-based performance video installation artist. She earned an MA in Modern and Contemporary Art at Casa LAMM-Universidad Autonoma de Querétaro, Mexico and a BFA at the Université du Québec a Montréal-UQAM. Bernal has exhibited her work in Canada, Colombia, Mexico and Cuba.

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