Domestic Violence

Scott Waters

A Space Windows

January 11 – February 15, 2008

In Scott Waters’ Domestic Violence the interaction of wallpaper with rendered imagery can be seen as camouflage or as a play between the painted subject and the wallpaper ground, but it can also be seen as a private fantasy world made public. The work is not necessarily a critique of military or domestic culture of TV saturation or the omnipresence of design but more a public admission of a long-standing affinity for the machinery of destruction.


Scott Waters received a visual art degree from the University of Victoria and a Masters of Fine Arts from York University. A Former soldier with the PPCLI, his work principally considers the military both as a social and aesthetic entity underpinned by fraternity and deviance. Recent activities include the publication of his illustrated memoir ‘The Hero Book’, numerous exhibitions in both Canada and the USA and a feature in the visual arts magazine, Border Crossings. This year will see his participation in the Canadian War MuseumÕs National Touring exhibition of Canadian War Art as well as Exhibitions at Craig Scott Gallery in Toronto and the Art Gallery of South Western Manitoba in Brandon. Scott Waters lives in Toronto with his partner, her son and two cats.