And So It Begins, 2010, acrylic, oil and Japanese paper on canvas, 48 x 24


Suritah Teresa Wignall

A Space Windows

November 9 – December 11, 2010

One of the hardest things that I have ever had to deal with is being a dark skinned black woman. For the longest time I felt uncomfortable in my own skin; these feelings came from my upbringing, my childhood experiences in elementary school, high school, and in my college years. I went to a predominantly white catholic elementary school and an all girl catholic high school. The urban arts scene in Toronto has been transformative because it is filled with poets, artists, playwrights, actors and singers from all cultures and backgrounds who speak of their struggles, beauty and pain. It was there that I learned about the hardships and beauty of culture and skin tones. Visible/Invisible is a collection of four images that represent all the things I have ever longed for, from childhood to my adult life––love, affection and then acceptance. It is my hope to show that the only way to love yourself is to fully accept who you are.


Suritah Teresa Wignall is a Toronto based visual artist committed to honoring her heritage by portraying the beauty, strength and legacy of African peoples. Her work has been included in solo and group exhibitions in Canada and the United States. Her portraits have been featured on the television pilot of Trey Anthony’s Da Kink In My Hair. Collectors of Suritah’s art include actress Vanessa L Williams, award-winning poet D’bi Young, and singer songwriter Erykah Badu. Suritah designed the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s album cover and D’bi Young’s book cover, Rivers and Other Blackness between Us. Suritah has also launched Black Lily Arts, an organization that provides arts services to black women/ women of color communities.