Trans Missions – Get Your Motor Runnin’

Alec Butler

A Space Main Gallery

November 1 – December 6, 2003

Curated by: Petra Chevrier, Andrew Harwood

Alec Butler is beyond description. We mean this in the most flattering way! There are few people who are beyond categorization. Butler is always bravely, yet nonchalantly, an individual for whom expressing one’s own self is more important than perfectly fitting into the "norms" of the world.

The themes of bear, hero, daddy figure, butch dyke and drag king run throughout the works of Butler. The video trilogy Pussyboy delves into these subjects, as does Audrey’s Beard (Main Gallery) and the documentation of Butler’s performance and play works Ruf Paradise and Hardcore Memories (Inner Space). The Pussyboy series portrays adolescent pain, conservative small town culture, lack of information on transsexuality, lesbianism, and isolation.


Originally from Cape Breton Island, Alec (formerly known as Audrey) is the author of the critically acclaimed plays Black Friday? and Medusa Rising. Since 1999, Alec has produced a series of award-winning videos about growing up transgendered in the 70s. Alec has been an artist and activist in all his genders: butch dyke, drag king, 2-spirited trans man. His queer, working class, down east humour informs all his work.