Multi-channel video, found postcards, photographs, 2012

Tiny Hooves

Deirdre Logue

A Space Windows

November 2 – December 8, 2012

Dominated by dramatic colours and controlled chaos, Id’s Its, the new suite of video art installations by Toronto artist Deirdre Logue focuses on an expanded study of the exquisite tension between the interior self and the outside world. Leaning lightly on Freud’s somewhat archaic concept of the id and heavily on her physical performances for the camera, Id’s Its explores the power of the abject: the richness of our psychic malfunctions, and our tendencies toward self-destruction.

As part of this new work, Tiny Hooves uses a series of cards displaying crystals, photographs of used Kleenex and several small video screens revealing the artist’s fingernails to explore our more elemental selves. Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus make magic under pressure with sodium, sulfur, iron and pixels.


Deirdre Logue’s performance based film, video and installation works are self-portraits uniquely located between comfort and trauma, self-liberation and self-annihilation. By using domestic objects and spaces to contrary ends, her works capture gesture, duration and the body as both subject and object. Solo exhibitions of her work have taken place at Open Space (Victoria), the Berlin International Film Festival, Oakville Galleries, YYZ Artists’ Outlet (Toronto) and the Images Festival (Toronto). Logue is currently the Development Director at Vtape.

The artist would like to recognize the financial contributions of the Media Arts Section of the Canada Council for the Arts and Open Space in Victoria, British Columbia.