left: Patti from Then & Now, soJin Chun, 2008, Silver Gelatin, 8x10; right: Childhood Photograph, photographer unknown, 5x7, 1990

Then & Now: The Cardenal Cushing Girls

soJin Chun

A Space Windows

September 17 – October 30, 2010

Then & Now: The Cardenal Cushing Girls is part of an autobiographic project that brought me back to my childhood home, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, to gain insight into a culture and people that were part of my childhood.  Cardenal Cushing was an all-girls Catholic school run by nuns.  Upon my return in 2008, I was reunited with former classmates.  Through “memory-work” (Annette Kuhn, 2006), I recount a past narrative to reconstruct cultural, social and personal identities for my former friends, and to understand my own hybridity in the present.  The photographs of the Cardenal Cushing girls belong within a hybrid of genres, referencing back to my diverse location, as a product of diaspora.  


soJin Chun is a visual artist who explores multi-layered cultural perspectives dealing with identity, place and the everyday. Chun’s work references her personal diasporic experiences and hybridity (Korea, Bolivia, Canada).