Mo Mohsen, The Grid, 2024.

The Grid

Mo Mohsen

A Space Windows

May 17 – June 29, 2024

My work builds upon Agnes Martin’s grid exploration, particularly in her piece “The Rose,” but with a distinct focus on its applied context and the codification of rules. While Martin’s work delves into the meditative and formal aspects of the grid, I investigate how the same system can function to serve a set of codified rules, particularly through the lens of chess games. This exploration delves into the interplay between the grid’s inherent structure, the potential for emotion evoked, and the strategic decisions within these games.

Furthermore, I examine how the grid’s inherent objectivity can still represent subjective experiences, particularly considering individuals with neurodiverse conditions navigating the implications of these rules and their impact on relationships within the structured system. This will be explored through various documentation methods, including visual representations of game movements and textual notations capturing the emotional weight of specific decisions.


Mo Mohsen (OCAD U), a Toronto-based artist and founder of Chess Together, explores the connections between chess and neurodiversity. Their multifaceted practice, informed by video game design and chess instruction, investigates these themes through various aesthetics.