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The Container is that which is Itself Contained

Julian Haladyn

A Space Windows

November 1 – December 6, 2003

In order to more easily consume tea, a container is constructed to hold the liquid. This container is specifically designed for the containment of the tea, which the user utilizes in order to consume the liquid by draining the container of its contents. Once the container is emptied of its contents, it then is contained within another container in order that it not be damaged or misplaced. This container for the container is specifically designed for the containment of the container of tea, which its user utilizes in order to save the container for future use.

This container is then placed within a container that allows viewing of the container, when its use is no longer required but the concept of the use is enjoyed. The container containing the container of the container is specifically used to display the unused container. This container is also contained within a space which allows a space for viewing the container, as well as the container of the container. Each singular viewer ? a container in their own right ? may view from within this container the container which contains the container of the container.

When the act of viewing has visually drained each singular container of its potential visual content, the container in their own right leave the containment of the containers in order that they may join the contents of yet another container. That is until the container is needed again to hold the tea for easier consumption.


Julian Haladyn is an artist and curator presently living in London, Ontario. From December 1996 to August 1997 he studied traditional Korean painting under master Lee Young-Hwan in Ichon, South Korea. Julian graduated with his Honours BFA from the University of Western Ontario in the spring of 2002. He is presently pursuing an MFA at Goddard College in Vermont, USA. He has exhibited internationally.

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