The Burden of Memory

Susan Kordalewski

A Space Windows

February 24 – March 25, 2006

The Burden of Memory is a photographic installation that explores the constraints of memory in our current age of information excess. Defining herself as a “visual writer”, Kordalewski, through this work seeks to realize and depict the chain of moments that construct contemporary notions of individuality and subjectivity. She writes:

"I investigate the post-modernist denial of the meta-narrative as it plays against the reality of human experience, while also exploring the personal narrative and its stream of consciousness. I am interested in exploring contemporary philosophical, psychological and sociological ideas as they enact upon self-perception and the construction of one’s selfhood."

The result is an intimate exploration of the tensions within and against contemporary notions of selfhood through sociological dynamics related to self-perception. 


Currently based in Toronto, Susan Kordalweski studied printmaking and photography at Concordia University (BFA 2005), The University of Toronto and The University of New Mexico.