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Farheen HaQ, Ascension

Subject(ive) Aesthetics

Farheen HaQ, Miriam Bohemia, Elly Lee, Jennifer Linton, Fariba Samsami

Main Gallery

January 14 – February 19, 2005

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"The personal is the political," announces the well-worn credo, and years later it is still harnessed as an effective point of entry by artists seeking social justice through creative and intellectual pursuits. Subject(ive) Aesthetics brings together five artists to highlight their autobiographical use of personal cultural experience in order to develop unique aesthetic vocabularies that reveal their subjectivities while creating a means for engaging viewers. Although each of these artists employ different media, techniques and styles, their work equally provokes critical thinking about social circumstances that enable the control and commodification of female sexual self-identity and expression.


Farheen HaQ works with photography, video and more recently sculpture, often using her body to explore religion and femininity within the context of her South-Asian heritage.

Critical Art & Culture