Perceive, Kohui, Single Channel Video, Color, Stereo Sound, 30 minutes, 2023.

INSCAPE: Perceive


A Space Main Gallery

September 8 – October 7, 2023

Curated by: Jay Bang

Opening reception Friday Sept 8th from 6-8pm with an opening night performance by Kohui.

INSCAPE: Perceive is a spinoff showcase of INSCAPE’s second edition INSCAPE: NEW HOMEOSTASIS featuring two installations and an opening night performance by Korean artist Kohui. Exploring the concept of homeostasis—the process by which a living system maintains stability despite external disturbances—these works highlight the imbalance between our material civilization and humanity’s capacity to make sense of it while exploring advances in technology, the climate crisis and our post-pandemic landscape.

Whilst both installations enrich our perceptual understanding of nature, the piece Quire from Moments is an audiovisual performance that reconstructs the sense of the moment facing nature by arranging or overlapping performances recorded by the artist. Through these processes, the artist attempts to bring together the moments of encounter while remembering them again through sound. Perceive observes nature and contemporary society to capture rules, forms, phenomena, and relationships, which lead to scene compositions that contemplate the ways that ecosystems and humans are separated and intertwined at the same time. Both works illustrate the contrast and commonality between contemporary society and the environment. With a sensitivity to sound, the installations reconstruct the sensorial experience of encountering moments in nature by arranging and overlaying recordings with the artist’s instrumental sound making.


Kohui is an audiovisual and performance artist who focuses on the act of sensing sound and explores various relationships that are or can be connected to sound. Mainly inspired by natural phenomena, forms, and methods, he creates algorithms that are situated between predictable and unpredictable. Striving for the interplay of sensory experience through various approaches in virtual environments, his work is focused on the generation of landscapes in algorithmic processes inspired by natural phenomena while also considering the relationship between sound and people, society, and nature. He explores ways to sense sound and produces audiovisual and generative art installations and performances.

Jay Bang’s curatorial practice is a convergence between artistic creativity and technology. Starting his career at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, he recognized the potential of technology as an indefinite source of artistic application. He developed TedxSamsung as a playground for artists and researchers. This exhibition at A Space Gallery is a part of his larger INSCAPE project which was launched in 2021 in partnership with ELEKTRA Montreal as a media art festival featuring exhibitions, performances, and artist talks with artists around the world. He is currently working with MUTEK and ISM Berlin to produce transdisciplinary art projects in Canada and Europe.