Four Toronto Buildings

Rocky Darrell Dobey

A Space Windows

October 26 – December 7, 2002

For the exhibition in the A Space Windows Dobey has created a series of etched copper plates. The imagery represents his vision of four new or renewed Toronto buildings – the Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, Ontario College of Art and Design and the Opera house. The works explore an inherent contradiction in the social positioning of architecture: while the buildings function as secular space, they are assigned a nearly divine reverence.


Rockey Darrell Dobey has been producing anonymous street art in Toronto since 1977. His politically charged posters, metal plaques, copper covered books, concrete sculptures and painted advertising parodies on abandoned buildings have become part of the unofficial public art scene in the inner city. His most recent street pieces are “‚Ķmemorials to people I have known who are now dead.” These memorials consist of small lead plaques that are installed on street poles