Yu-Hang Huang, The Identity Correlations Series, Archival Digital Print, 2009

Face in the House

Yu-Hang Huang

Main Gallery

January 7 – February 12, 2011

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Yu-Hang Huang uses video, photography and performance to create errant spaces. She embodies the architectures associated with the “national,” the “monumental” and the “sentimental” and takes them out for a walk. De-territorialized in space, she subverts the notion that identity and territory can be adequately entangled in a politics of belonging that creates an entity called “home.” Rather, what is suggested is that a historical amnesia exists that is inconsistent with the narrative of the imaginary nation that is bordered and contained.


Yu-Hang Huang is an artist and educator based in both Taiwan and Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design from Shih-Chien University in Taiwan and a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Canada, as well as a Masters of Fine Arts from The Art Institute of Chicago. Inspired by Taiwan’s ambiguous national status, and her experience of multiple migrations, her practice focuses on the notion of fluid identity which relates to displacement, migration, subjective experience, and the position of the body within architectural spaces. In October 2009, she was awarded an artist fellowship for a residency at the Vermont Studio Center. Her work has been shown internationally at the Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taiwan, the 4th World Ceramic Biennale in Korea, the Boston Fine Arts Museum as well as galleries and cultural centers in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto.

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