Rose Bianchini & Jason van Horne, Eyes on the Street, 1, approx. 20x20x8, Cardboard, paper, fabric, shrinky-dink, repurposed toys and knickknacks, 2015

Eyes on the Street

Rose Bianchini, Jason van Horne

A Space Windows

May 22 – July 11, 2015

Peer into the private lives of an eclectic group of people as they dream, watch TV, stare out the window and ponder the lives of their friends and neighbours. This miniature and whimsical work contemplates the magic of everyday acts. A cast of characters invite you into their ramshackle and darling little homes and call into question what is public and what is private. It’s artwork about how where we live and how our space defines as much as our work and family.

These miniature scenes will bring together many passions: such as Jason’s enthusiasm for architecture and heritage buildings, Rose’s fascination and joy of telling strange stories and our love for creating tiny worlds. 


Rose Bianchini is currently an arts policy advisor for the ministry of culture and tourism. She has worked as a writer, artist and producer for film, television, radio, and interactive media. She has also co-developed and implemented community art projects, such as a miniature plush city children contribute to and video arts projects with street-involved youth.

Jason van Horne is a visual artist who primarily creates miniatures depicting post-apocalyptic urban wastelands. He has also created artwork for film, theatre and video games. Jason has a keen interest in architecture and urban spaces, and has co-founded community art projects and public interventionist groups that include The City Beautification Ensemble and The Soft City. He is currently showing new works at Katharine Mulherin’s NO FOUNDATION gallery.