Escapement, wood and metal, 2013


Heather Keung & Michael Connor

A Space Windows

March 1 – 30, 2013

Four kinetic sculptures interpret early clock mechanisms called escapements from 13th century Europe and Asia. These machines are not powered by electricity, but instead through seconds of engagement with the viewer. With a simple pulling action, energy is stored in a suspended weight and slowly released through a delicate self-reversing movement. These sculptures are made from found materials such as bike wheels and reclaimed wood from our home. What could be seen as inaccurate time keeping machines are rather meditations on mechanical movement and gravitational power.

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Heather Keung graduated from OCAD University. Her artistic practice includes video, installation and performance art and is inspired by the conditioning of the mind and body through physical training and environment. In addition to her artistic practice, she has been an active contributor to the arts community and Artist-Run-Centres in Toronto for over ten years. Keung is currently the Artistic Director at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival.

Michael Connor attended OCAD University’s Integrated Media program, graduated from the Sheridan Arts program, and the Centre for Skills Development and Training. He is a carpenter and home builder, and has professional experiences ranging from bicycle mechanic to web-based programmer. He is interested in exploring renewable energy systems, working with small engines, making video art and music.

Together they have recently shown their work at the MOCCA, Pleasure Dome, Art Gallery of Mississauga and Toronto Free Gallery.