Doubletake #1, 2008, digital print, 10


Riaz Mehmood

A Space Windows

February 18 – March 16, 2011

Doubletake is a digital photo series that was created during an artist residency at VASL International Artists’ Circle in Karachi (Fall 2008). Composed of a number of digitally edited self-portraits, these photographs were taken in various locations across Pakistan and Canada and as a result, juxtapose both time and geography in a single image.

In this series, I am not only interested in issues of identity, but also in exploring the changing cityscapes in Pakistan; how through the rapid industrialization and globalization of major urban cities, Pakistani cityscapes now increasingly bare an uncanny resemblance to cityscapes in Canada. 

However a difference in the landscape can still be detected through various subtle signifiers; the odd shop sign, car model, and clothes all contribute to the ways in which we either recognize or differentiate the environments around us. 


Riaz Mehmood is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Pakistan. After obtaining a degree in Civil Engineering in Peshawar, Riaz went on to complete a diploma in the Integrated Media program at Ontario College of Art and Design in 2005. His artistic oeuvre encompasses a range of practices including performance, video and photography. These works have explored a number of issues related to identity, history and the media. He is currently completing the MFA program at the University of Windsor.