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Heather Passmore. Projection Image, Mattress Painting series. Acrylic on mattress fabric

Bearing the Broken Utopian Promise

Roja Aslani, Heather Passmore

Main Gallery

June 3 – July 17, 2009

Curated by:

In this two-person exhibition, artists Roja Aslani and Heather Passmore challenge the importance of social hierarchies and the significance of truth through re-contextualising quotidian objects. By manipulating and tampering devaluated mass-produced materials, Alsani and Passmore embed new fictitious meanings in the reality of discarded objects.

While Aslani fabricates interiors with the intention of intertwining the reality of the objects with the fantasies they collectively present; Passmore incorporates paint and newspaper images to question the untold truth of already stained mattresses. The fictitious connections and stories, now weaved into each object, blur the traces of their societal reality with that of social myths.


Roja Aslani is a Persian Canadian artist currently living and working in Edinburgh, UK. Roja has a Psychology degree and a BFA from Canada ¬¬and an MFA in Sculpture from The Edinburgh College of Art, UK. Roja has exhibited across Canada as well as Germany and the United Kingdom. Upcoming shows include a group show in London UK, a two-man show in Toronto, a solo in Calgary and Kelowna.

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