Julie Nagam, the future is in the land, video still, 2018

the future is in the land

Julie Nagam
Exhibition runs March 15 2018 - April 20 2018
Opening: March 15 2018: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Essay by: Cheryl L'Hirondelle

"the future is in the land is a multisensory solo exhibition of revelations about the extraordinary and life-affirming relationships we have for too long taken for granted. The title seems apparent, self-explanatory, suggesting a rational given, though an ominous haunting and paradox materializes therein. “Future” suggests a promising forward gaze, and yet Julie sets the tone as if in a dream. This is not a static environment but is inhabited by animated forest creatures that appear periodically within the room. Aiming to draw attention to the destructive and complex relationship we have to the environment, she connects viewers to stories of the land through this experience." - Cheryl L'Hirondelle


“Our survival and our continuation as a people are tied to Indigenous knowledge of the land and a return or an extension of these land-based practices is what will bring us into the future." - Julie Nagam

Dr. Julie Nagam is the Chair of the History of Indigenous Art in North America, a joint appointment between the University of Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Art Gallery. She is an Associate Professor in the faculty of History. As a scholar and artist she is interested in revealing the ontology of land, which contains memory, knowledge and living histories. Her practice is investigating Indigenous stories of place to visually demonstrate alternative cartographies that can challenge myths of settlement situated in the colonial narratives of space and place. She has recently published Traveling soles: Tracing the footprints of our stolen sisters (2017); Deciphering the refusal of the digital and binary codes of sovereignty/ self-determination and civilized/savage (2016); be polite... because the settlers might be listening and watching (2016). Her current SSHRC funded projects include The Transactive Memory Keepers: Indigenous Public Engagement in Digital and New Media Labs and Exhibitions (www.glamcollective.ca). Nagam hosted and organized The Future is Indigenous (http://abtec.org/iif/symposia/3rd-annual-symposium/) and the International Indigenous curators exchange with Australia, Canada, Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Finland. She is co-editor of Indigenous Art: New Media and the Digital, a special issue of PUBLIC journal. She has curated and exhibited in ImagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival and in 2013 she curated Lisa Rehiana's new media installation in pursuit of venus at A Space Gallery in Toronto, Canada. Currently, Dr. Nagam is curating a public art installation for a Reconciliation Walk at The Forks in Winnipeg, and leading a team that is creating an Indigenous App for Winnipeg's art, architectural, and place-based history. She has co-curated with Jaimie Isaac INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE, the largest contemporary exhibition at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in fall 2017. Her artwork where white pines lay over the water, was shown in, Toronto, Ontario, San Paulo, Brazil, Lyon, France, Wellington, New Zealand. Her installation singing our bones home, was shown in Markham, in London, England and in Winnipeg. Nagam is has new public artwork, Electrical Currents for Winnipeg Arts Council, commissioned work for Nuit Blanche Manitowapow, speaking to the moon, in Toronto Canada fall of 2017 and Smithsonian's exhibition Transformers in New York, USA, 2017-18.
Cheryl L'Hirondelle is an award winning interdisciplinary artist, singer/songwriter, and new media curator from the land now known as Canada. Her 35-year creative practice is an investigation of the intersections of a Cree worldview (nehiyawin) with contemporary time/place. She is a member of OCAD University's Indigenous Advisory Council and is currently a PhD candidate with SMARTlab at University College Dublin in Ireland.


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