Close Knit by Aganetha Dyck. Courtesy of The Art Bank


Aganetha Dyck, Brendan Fernandes, Angela Miracle Gladue, Jillian Groening, La calq, Michelle Latimer
Exhibition runs November 21 2019 - December 18 2019
Opening: November 21 2019: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Curated by: Jenn Goodwin
Opening night performance of Reverence by Brendan Fernandes- November 21, 2019. 7:00pm

Reverence is a performance by Brendan Fernandes that intervenes at cultural events and in public spaces where the dynamic of watching and being watched take place. Breaking the fourth wall and leveling the performer and the viewer, the work invites the tension and awkwardness of gratitude into the audience's space by subjecting them to a corps of dancers bowing in procession. The work incorporates this gesture repetitively to question its relation to class, privilege and hegemony.


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