detail from the installation Undefined, photographs and wall paint, 2013


Ingrid Mayrhofer
Exhibition runs May 31 2013 - July 13 2013
Reception: May 31 2013: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Undefined is an exploration of the subtle textures of what is left behind and forgotten, yet continues to grow over time. Hidden away behind old furniture and closed doors, tiny translucent spiders accumulate collections of insignificant remnants – dust, hair, feathers, and insects. Records of passing time emerge from the seemingly arbitrary patterns.

Mayrhofer discovered such an elaborate construction of cobwebs helping her mother move from the second floor to the ground level in her old house. Behind an old wardrobe, the paint had not faded for three decades. Rolled patterns on walls were fashionable in rural areas as they compensated for uneven stonewalls, and could easily be painted over. Mayrhofer’s grandmother passed her talent and tools for applying the rollers on to the artist.

Seen as textures, the cobwebs and wall patterns negate the loss of time that formed them, and a few old photographs that had slid under the furniture take on new meaning after years of accumulated memories.


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