A Space Gallery is temporarily closed as Toronto is under lockdown to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We are committed to the health and safety of our artists, staff, board community and collaborators. We look forward to the day we can welcome you back to the gallery. 

A Space gallery is thrilled to launch the online initiative Commissioned Artist Videos for the Online Screen Space running into the Spring of 2021. The gallery has commissioned a small program of short videos by artists who have recently shown in our space. We will unveil one at a time on our website over the next few months in the hopes that sharing works from our community will help us feel more connected. While we cannot gather now, we look forward to sharing experiences in the gallery again. 

In the A Space vitrines we are happy to continue the exhibition of Shaheer Zazai's Then and There running until the Spring of 2021. The works in 'There and Then' come from two different time periods in Zazai’s digital practice. 'The Carpet Series' from 2017 is largely informed by his birthplace of Afghanistan, specifically feelings of nostalgia and displacement. His digital practice then steered towards experimentation and exploration of asymmetry, breaking away from the confines of structure and allowing errors to become part of the work. ‘There and Then’ gives the viewer a chance to peer into two different time periods at the same time.

We regret the interruption to Basic Instructions Before Leaving Everything, multidisciplinary artist Timothy Yanick Hunter's first solo show, curated by Sarah-Tai Black. Utilizing strategies of bricolage and collective narrativization, Hunter's work explores the effects of non-neutral relationships and intersections on Black and Afro-diasporic experience as well as concurrent strategies of decolonization. We look forward to reopening this exhibition as soon as restrictions are lifted. 

A Space Gallery and the 2021 CONTACT Photography Festival are presenting Forest on Location. This is the first Canadian solo exhibition of the work of Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukacs. In their video, animation, and graphic works, Broersen and Lukacs consider the intertwined relationships between reality, media, and fiction. This exhibition is comprised of two of their video installations, Forest on Location (2018) and Mastering Bambi (2010), both of which take nature as their subject matter and work to unhinge hegemonic ways of looking at landscape. 

The State of Blackness: From Production to Presentation is an important resource for cultural and intellectual black diasporic artistic practice and representation in Canada. Building on A Space's history and our ongoing work with Dr Andrea Fatona we applaud her incredible research.


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